Dan's PVE
Dallas, TX

Welcome to

Dan's PVE

The Friendly PVE Server

No Raiding or looting! TruePVE, NightLantern, ZLevels, DeathNotes, SpawnControl, Fishing, Homes and more!

Donations to help cover server costs are always appreciated!(plus get you a few perks!)

Come play on Dans PVE

discord server: https://discord.gg/UHBBgMk

Commands available in game:
/stats - see detailed level information
/statsui - toggle status UI on or off
/remove - remove an entity you own
/sethome name - set a home location
/home name - teleport home
/friend add|remove name - add or remove a friend
/bandit - teleport to the bandit camp
/outpost - teleport to the outpost
/town - teleport to the town
/tpr name - request teleport to a player
/tpa - accept a teleport request
/tpb - teleport back to previous location
/kit starter|clothes - give yourself a starter kit or clothing kit
Press B to access your Backpack

Server Location: Dallas, TX